Learn How Catch A Shift Works!

For Employers

Available Quality Applicants

Submit your bids to Applicants who match your open position requirements.


Track your Applicants in real time as they arrive to their scheduled shifts.

No Pre-Payment Required

We only collect once your job is successfully completed.

In four simple steps, you can instantly fill your open positions:


Create a shift

Fill out our simple form specifying who you are looking for and when you need someone to work.


Applicants receive your job alert

Pre-vetted Aplicants are instantly sent the details of your open position(s).


Choose an Applicant

Pick from qualified available Applicants who have already agreed to work your shift.



We will take care of this for you! Just check out the Applicant at the end of their shift, and let us know (in the app) how they did.

For Job Seekers

Work when you want to work!

Log in, search for jobs that interest you when YOU want to work and let interested employers contact you in minutes.

Get paid within 48 hours!

No more waiting weeks for your checks to arrive. Payments are directly deposited into your account no more than 48 hours after you’ve completed the job.

Work when you want to work in minutes:


Create your account

Fill out our simple form or quickly upload your resume.


Apply for jobs

Choose where you would like to work, what industry you would like to work in and view all available open positions.


Sit back

Let Employers contact you if they are interested, once you’ve let them know you are available.


Collect your cash

Within 48 hours after you have finished the shift, the payment you have agreed to will appear in your account.